DHEEDHI Aloe White Beauty Soap

Ayurvedic skin care soap has the richness of Coconut milk and is enriched with the goodness of Rose petals that naturally cleanse, moisturize and beautify skin. It nourishes and makes skin smooth and glowing.


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  • Helps to nourish & beautify skin.

  • Makes skin flawless & radiant.

  • Keeps your skin hydrated & makes it soft and supple.

  • The goodness of Indian Aloe helps to prevent skin dryness.



  • incre

    (Aloe Vera)

  • incre

    coconut milk
    (Cocos Nucifera)

  • incre

    wheat germ oil
    (Triticum Sativum)

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    Panineer poovu
    (Rosa Centifolia)

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    olive oil
    (Olea Europaea)